What If I Missed the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period?

On the December 2011 edition of Medicare Minutes, we will discuss some options for those who may have missed this year's Medicare annual enrollment period. Don't fear... you may still be able to enroll or change plans.

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  • Joan Z

    This podcast on the Illegal Observation Status Policy and Practice was very helpful as I formulate a letter to the local hospital director about this barrier to proper health care. The tips were especially helpful- since I thought our only recourse was through the hospital. I will be following those because no written notice was given by the hospital. On the day before d/c the social worker mentioned it which started us to be somewhat clued in. One point I would make is- The subsequent SNF stay of 37 days was done on private pay- as the SNF Director if Nursing refused to submit the claim to CMS without the ” 3 day Inpatient status” paperwork. I will pursue this on behalf of the elderly woman and her family, out of principle- she has good coverage but this practice cost the family many thousands in private pay SNF stay. Thank you for your podcast.

    Jul 3, 2012 at 3:39 pm